KRASJ 4 Ninove 2018, 4 weekends in September


4th edition of the KRASJ Art Biennial curated by Rik De Boe, Johan De Wilde and Reinhard Doubrawa. Located in Ninove, Belgium (20 minutes by train from Brussels).

KRASJ 4, among other things, engages intensively with the viewer, more specifically with his / her physical presence and his / her empathic ability. As always, KRASJ continues at various locations in the public spaces of Ninove— historic buildings, a café, etc.... A former telecommunications building (the RTT complex) will be the central location of this fourth KRASJ.

Patricia Smith’s project, Dromen Ninove, began with the collection of anonymous dreams of Ninove residents. For the duration of the exhibition, bits and fragments of these dreams will appear throughout the city—in shops, bars and restaurants, and on the streets. Residents will be confronted with pieces of their own subconscious, now in a public setting, pointing out the fantastical and illogical foundation that underlies our material reality. Her installation in the RTT building features a hand-painted city map that refers to a well-known historical event, one that has its origins in a place somewhere between reality and the world of dreams.
RTT building room 1-14, and in public spaces throughout Ninove.

Shelter in Place opens November 3rd

“I know these building exist. I have lived in them.“ Patricia Smith

In Shelter in Place, her fifth solo exhibition at Front Room, Patricia Smith explores the subject of architecture and the psychological and emotional underpinnings of the impulse to build sheltering structures. In the process, she wanders in the foggy interstice between the imagined and the real, the built and the unbuilt.

xyHt magazine August 2016, Maps as Art feature

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Front Room Gallery is proud to present:

“Summer Sampler, A Front Room Favorite”

Opening Reception, June 10th, 7-9pm
On view through June 10th – August 7th

Amanda Alic, Nancy Baker, Sasha Bezzubov and Jessica Sucher, Thomas Broadbent, Phillip Buehler, Peter Fox, Sean Hemmerle, Amy Hill, Jesse Lambert, Sascha Mallon, Stephen Mallon, Mark Masyga, Melissa Pokorny, Paul Raphaelson, Ross Racine, Ken Ragsdale, Emily Roz, Patricia Smith, Mark Stilwell, Joanne Ungar, Julia Whitney Barnes and Edie Winograde.

"Summer Sampler" offers a selection of works previewing upcoming exhibitions and a review of past shows, with a fresh look at artists' new works. This is a view of Front Room’s favorites and fun way to kick off the Summer.

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