The 'Stationsstraat' in Ninove is a street with imposing townhouses, each with a typical front room which was traditionally used as 'the most beautiful room' of the house. Eleven of these rooms, now renovated by the residents to their own taste and furnished with personal curiosa, form the site of the exhibition ‘STATIONSSTR. - NINOVE. Fifteen artists were invited to create a new piece of work that relates to the architectural and private atmosphere of these rooms, and the connection these rooms have with the street. During three weekends, the residents now will open their front rooms to both the artists and public.

C’est quoi déjà le prénom d’Alzheimer ?
une exposition organisée par Peggy Carpentier & Anthony Freestone
Exposition du 5 au 9 septembre 2015
Vernissage le samedi 5 septembre à partir de 15h

Russell Pick, 8 rue Saulpic, Vincennes

Urban Omnibus has published a perceptive, in-depth review of Mapping Brookyn at BRIC.
Exhibition runs through May 3 at BRIC and through September 6 at the Brooklyn Historical Society.


View from the passageway from my new studio at Cité Internationale des Arts. After years of focusing on work on paper and installation, I am throwing myself back down the viscous, problematic but entrancing rabbit hole that is painting in oil on canvas. Besides the materials, I brought a few changes of clothes and one dog-eared book- James Elkins’ inspiring What Painting Is. Anything else I need to refer to, it’s already here.